My mission is to use my skills to improve the freedom, privacy and security of individual in this technology driven era. The best way I have thought of to achieve this is to invest my time in improving the functionality and security of decentralized technologies.

Some areas that I like to focus on working are applied cryptography, supply chain security, secure system design, threat modelling, and more broadly analyzing systems for weaknesses and designing “reasonably secure” systems by thinking from first principles.


  • Distrust: Security engineering work with a varied client base, specializing in high risk businesses like crypto exchanges, crypto custodians, financial institutions, and more
  • StageX: A minimal deterministic Linux distro
  • Milk Sad Disclosure: Cryptographic vulnerability in libbitcoin
  • Distrust: A cybersecurity consulting and services firm - security engineer

Publications and Appearances



If you have question, requests for topics for me to cover or would like to engage me for consulting services, you can use the email “anton[-at-]” to send me a message.


Github - antonleviathan